Ventura County Digital Mesh Node Configuration Guidelines

  • SSID: AREDN (except as noted in table below)
  • Channels:
    • 2.4 GHZ: -2 unless otherwise noted below
    • 5.8 GHZ: 177 unless otherwise noted below
  • Bandwidths:
    • 2.4 GHZ: 10
    • 5.8 GHZ: 20

Best Operating Practices:

  • If you set up a service on your node, make sure the name of that service begins with your callsign, to make it unique on the network.
  • If you take that service off the air, stop advertising it.
  • Point your node at the nearest backbone access node if you have connectivity to it.
  • Set distance setting to slightly beyond the farthest node your node can communicate with reliably.

High level access nodes, in Ventura County

Node IDLocationLat/LonChannelBWTypeSSIDBearingBeamwidth
WD6EBY-VC-SimiEast-2GSimi Valley - East end34.257, -118.641-210BackboneAREDN280120
WD6EBY-VC-SimiEast-5GSimi Valley - East end34.257, -118.64117720BackboneAREDN28045
W6BI-TEST-2GSimi Valley - West end34.246, -118.773-210BackboneAREDNOmniOmni
KE6WEZ-Mellow-Lane-5GSimi Valley - West end 34.246, -118.77317720BackboneAREDN26545
WD6EBY-VC-Camarillo-HillsCamarillo Hills34.255, -118.960-210BackboneAREDNOmniOmni
WD6EBY-VC-SouthMtn-E-SectorSouth Mountain34.325, -119.040-210BackboneAREDN110120
WD6EBY-VC-SouthMtn-W-SectorSouth Mountain34.325, -119.040-210BackboneVC-WEST195120
WD6EBY-VC-Ojai-EastReeves Road, Ojai34.457, -119.168-210BackboneAREDN280120
N6EVC-21South Mountain34.330, -119.023-210StandaloneBroadbandHamnetOmniOmni
W6BI-VC-SimiNorth-2GSimi Valley - North-Central 34.293, -118.742-210BackboneAREDN18060
WD6EBY-VC-SouthMtn-W-Sector-5GSouth Mountain34.325, -119.04017720BackboneAREDN195120
W6BI-VC-SimiNorth-5GSimi Valley - North-Central 34.293, -118.74217720BackboneAREDN18043


For additional digital mesh information see:

Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network

Orange County Mesh Organization

SBARC’s mesh page

Questions? Contact W6BI via conventional email at  orv.beach  on Gmail
Last updated 8/15/2017