ACS MESH Telephone System

The Ventura County ACS Telephone System is interconnected through the Ventura County MESH Network and is established to provide telephone service to the participating County agencies and licensed Amateurs.  If you wish to join in on the ACS Telephone system, please contact WD6EBY at ARRL dot NET.

The heart of the system is a commercial unit developed PBX by Grandstream Networks.  This PBX provides many features rich options such as Voice Mail, Conference Bridge, Address Book and with permission – the ability to originate and receive telephones calls to and from the public telephone network.  The Speaker Telephone of choice is the Grandstream GXP1625 which interfaces seamlessly to the Grandstream PBX.

Although any SIP telephone (such as the Cisco 7912) can be programmed for this system, they will only provide the ability to originate and receive a call.  “Advance features will not be available.”


Ventura County ACS Dialing Plan

Ventura County ACS Telephone Book

Grandstream GXP1625 Quick Users Guide This is a general front panel guideline

Grandstream GXP1625 Full Users Guide  Not all features listed are available

Grandstream GCP1625 Voicemail Menu Guide

For Other SIP Phone programming contact WD6EBY or W6BI

Last Revision: 06/25/2020