K6PVR Remote Controlled HF Station


Yes that’s right.  As of December 2017 the Pleasant Valley Amateur Radio Club has a Remotely Controlled HF station.  This station is available to PVARC Club members that have a membership level of Advanced.
Please Note: Station operation is currently restricted as it is in a testing mode

Station information:

Station Call:       K6PVR
Location:            Camarillo Hills 980ft
Radio:                Kenwood TS-450S
Power Source:  12 volt AGM battery with Solar Charger
Antenna 1:         40Mtr Windon Off Center Feed Dipole, see below
Antenna 2:         future vertical
Control:              access to the radio is through the RemoteHams.com program
Access:              the system is only accessible through the internet.  researching MESH network access.

The radio is setup for phone operation and CW receive.  I am looking into CW and other Digital operating modes.  The radio covers 160 through 10 meters and will auto-tune 10-80 to provide the best match.  The auto-tuner does not work on 160 meters.  Please note that the antenna is designed to operate on 40 through 6 meters.  As of today I do not know how it will perform on 80 or 160 meters.

The radio is powered from a 100 Amp/Hour sealed AGM battery which is charged from the site Solar system.

The RemoteHams program is available at remotehams.com Once you download the program and after a simple registration you can login to the program.  Search for K6PVR, Camarillo.


More information to follow…