AIS – Vessel positioning system.

Automatic Identification System (AIS) is an automated ship’s positioning system that displays other vessels in the vicinity. It is a broadcast transponder system which operates in the VHF mobile maritime band. Your own ship also shows on the screens of other vessels in the vicinity, provided your vessel is fitted with AIS. The working mode of AIS is continuous and autonomous.

The PVARC AIS receiver is located on Sulphur Mountain at 2,200 feet
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AIS Receiver, Ventura County, Sulphur Mountain

ADS-B – Aircraft collision avoidance system

Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast is a primary technology supporting the FAA’s Next Generation Air Transportation System which shifts aircraft separation and air traffic control from ground-based radar to satellite-derived positions. ADS-B broadcasts an aircraft’s enhanced GPS position to the ground, where it is displayed to air traffic controllers. It’s also transmitted to aircraft with ADS-B receivers, either directly or relayed by ground stations, increasing the pilot’s situational awareness.

The PVARC ADS-B receivers are located at Sulphur Mountain at 2,200 feet and Chatsworth Peak at 2,300 feet.  Additional PVARC receivers are scheduled.

ADS-B Receiver, Ventura County, Sulphur Mountain

In corporation with the Santa Barbara Amateur Radio Club, the PVARC and the SBARC ADS-B receivers are a common shared resource.

ADS-B Receiver, SBARC