Mesh Applications

In Ventura County, we support several different types of applications on the digital mesh network:


We support a VOIP PBX on the network.  If you’d like an extension off the PBX, contact Paul, WD6EBY.   A Grandstream phone is recommended for best compatibility.  Model 1625 is currently recommended.   You can also use a softphone (software phone).   Linphone for MacOS, Linux and Windows works well.  It can be downloaded here.

VOIP voice chat.  We run a Teamtalk server on the network.  It supports text, audio and video chatting, and also allows you to share files and your desktop.  It can be used at any time and we encourage you to hang out there, just as you would on your local FM repeater.  

The Teamtalk client software can be downloaded here.   We have a Wednesday night voice net at 8:00 p.m. on the Teamtalk server.   If you’d like to participate, contact W6BI for an personal account on the server.   (userid:password of guest3:guest3 can be used for getting started).  The server hostname is km6fq-rpi3.local.mesh  (it’s all needed; enter it as shown).


Screenshot of Sunday night Teamtalk net

Keyboard Communications

There are MeshChat servers throughout the network.  They can be used to chat with other logged-in users.  Currently mostly broken due to software issues.

There are IRC servers linked together throughout Santa Barbara, Ventura and L.A. Counties (plus one in Arizona).   They are available for your use on the network.  Install an IRC client and join us!  HexChat works well for Windows.  Those servers are:

  • n3bkv-rpi
  • km6fq-server
  • k6pvr-irc
  • n7qjk-host
  • k6tz-srv01
  • kg6wxc-host

Additionally there are web interfaces to the IRC network available.  They’re generally called “MeshIRC” and are available at least on n3bkv and kg6wxc nodes.


The Teamtalk server supports video chat if your link to the server is of high quality.

Beyond that, we have various webcams on the network. Most require an RTSP viewer to view them (either VLC or Mplayer for Windows).

Last updated 08/06/2018 – Orv W6BI